804N(3.8 tm class)

Knuckle, telescopic and foldable cranes with a wide range of positions to improve reach capability. Articulated cranes with double rack and pinion rotation system. Suitable for a wide range of applications from fish farming to workboats. Cost reducing solution.

804N(3.8 tm class)

  • Lifting moment: 3.84 tm
  • Lifting moment: 3770 daNm
  • Slewing angle: 380º
  • Weight: 540 kg
  • Working pressure: 235 bar
  • Oil flow: 16 l/min
  • Dim.: 1980x1760x555 mm


  • Base with double rack and pinion system
  • Stationary base
  • Counterbalance valves directly mounted
  • Hexagonal shaped telescopic booms
  • Control valve (shipped demounted)


  • Radio Remote control (RRS and/or RDC)
  • Winch


804N(3.8 tm class) VERSIONS