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A global leader since 1980
Amco Veba Marine is a global leader in the production of foldable cranes. Founded in 1980 in Castelnovo di Sotto, Amco Veba Marine re-located to a new factory in Poviglio, in the Reggio Emilia province of Italy, in 2000. Amco Veba Marine has been a Hyva Group company since 2007.

Marine cranes specialists
The company is specialized in the production of hydraulic foldable cranes suitable for fixed installation for both marine and onshore use.

Innovation in crane design
The entrepreneurial culture of the company, together with a commitment to innovation and quality, has established Amco Veba Marine as a well-known and respected brand around the world. Amco Veba Marine designs, manufactures and supports an extensive range of folded telescopic and articulated cranes for the marine environment and onshore.

Built for many marine industries
These cranes are suited for a wide variety of applications in the marine environment; both for installation on different types of vessels and for fixed applications such as quay sides or pontoons.

Our quality product range
The Amco Veba Marine Cranes range consists of five quality lines of foldable cranes:

  • ‘MINI’ Telescopic
  • Telescopic
  • Articulated
  • Articulated with Powerlink
  • Articulated with Slewing Ring VR

Within these five crane lines we have designed more than 150 model variants that we can build for you depending on your specific needs. The lifting classes range from 1 to 85 tm.

24/7 service around the world
Products are sold worldwide and maintained and serviced through a network
of dealers and agents.