Our cranes

Amco Veba Marine Cranes are the product of technical expertise and experience built over many years of design, development and production to the highest quality standards in components and processes.

Each individual component of the crane is designed using a 3D CAD system. Structural integrity is assured by stress checking techniques such as FEM (Finite Element Analysis). All cranes are designed in accordance with European standards EN 12999 / DIN 15018.

Complete prototypes are built and each component is checked for conformity to specification before being accepted into the prototype process. Prototypes are assembled in a dedicated area under the supervision of our design engineers.

Every Amco Veba Marine Crane is produced to meet a specific customer order and monitored by in-line electronic controls which record each particular job and track the crane through each step of its assembly. When the customer takes delivery, each crane is accompanied by a complete package of documents, including: Certification of origin, CE declaration of conformity, Spare parts CD, User and Maintenance manual, Warranty certificate and Pre- inspection document.

A large parts stock is always available. Distributors can check stock and prices, create a price quote, or enter a spare parts order directly into our order system via the Amco Veba Marine website.

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