VR34NGFM(32.4 tm class)

Knuckle, telescopic and foldable cranes with double linkage for highly demanding precision jobs. The boom linkage gives cranes versatility for many working positions. Its design delivers the mechanical advantage of the articulation, to provide consistent force through all working angles.

VR34NGFM(32.4 tm class)

  • Net. Lifting moment: 27876-31780 daNm
  • Dyn. Lifting Moment: 42.030 daNm
  • Slewing angle: ∞
  • Weight: 4250 kg
  • Working pressure: 310 bar
  • Oil flow: 50 l/min
  • Dim.: 2510x2500x1295 mm


  • Counterbalance valves directly mounted
  • Hexagonal shaped telescopic booms
  • Emergency control on footboard (available with crane in RDC version)
  • Round base with slewing bearing rotation system
  • Power links


  • Radio Remote control (RDC)
  • Winch


VR34NGFM(32.4 tm class) VERSIONS