Amco veba marine adds the 40 tm family models to new generation line

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Amco Veba Marine has added the 40tm family to its successful NEW GENERATION Line cranes.

A structured design and build process, from concept to field operation, has created these NEW GENERATION cranes which cover all possible applications by offering top performance, ease of use and maintenance and the highest level of modularity in models, features and accessories.

The most ergonomic working positions and user-friendly interfaces combine to deliver accurate and safe operation with reduced working risk. A variety of radio remote controls are available.

The 40tm family comprises 2 Endless Slewing models.


  • VR34 NGM

34 tm, Slewing Bearing, Double Linkage

Endless Slewing


  • VR40 NGM

40 tm, Slewing Bearing, Double Linkage

Endless Slewing

The cranes have from 2 to 8 extensions, 8.02 to 20.90 meters maximum outreach.


Innovative features which increase crane’s protection from environmental agents:

  • Multi Level Protection (MLP) program, that permit to choose different protection levels allowing the freedom to decide the most suitable one for the environment in which the crane are expected to operate, from the softer ambient conditions till the most severe and harsh humid salt ambient.
  • Denso tape Standard on L2 protection level, all hydraulic fittings are protected with a manually applied oil greased denso tape to grant a perfect resistance to salt ambient and allow a safe and reliable operation in case of service activities.
  • Plastic covers. A set of plastic covers made of ABS LAC700 composite material is protecting more delicate hydraulic components such as valve banks, gear motors, swivel joints from water sprinkles and UV rays and other forms of environmental agents.




Operating performance is maximized with all the standard features of the tried and tested NEW GENERATION range.

These features include:

  • Hoses and pipes running inside column and booms to guarantee a longer lifetime
  • Sprint Generation System (SGS) to increase the speed of extensions without compromising safety
  • Soft Descent Drive (SDD) to reduce oscillation and assure perfect control
  • Double linkage to improve versatility in many different working positions
  • Soft closing retraction to reduce oscillation of the load during retraction
  • Centralized Greasing System making regular maintenance easier
  • High pressure filter
  • Moment load limiter device
  • A wide range of radio controls
  • Rotating operator Stand Up Platform


Massimo Magli, Marine division Sales Director, said: “We are proud to add this new range of 40tm cranes to our NEW GENERATION Line. Ensures high performance, maximum efficiency and high level of reliability, together with a wide range of innovative features and variety of accessories and attachments, make these cranes ideally suited for marine and offshore applications.”


The NEW GENERATION Line is produced in a new dedicated crane assembly line in Poviglio, Italy, developed according to the best-in-class manufacturing principles in terms of quality and efficiency.

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