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Quality Management System
Amco Veba Marine Quality Management System, certified according to ISO 9001:2000, guarantees the quality of products and services supplied to customers.

Component verification and controls
An essential part of our quality system is verification of components from suppliers, to ensure that they meet our standards, through a series of dimensional, welding and materials controls.

Final quality control and traceability
After assembly, the finished crane undergoes a final quality control testing to ensure that the complete product meets all standards. Traceability is an important aspect of quality control as well. Most component parts are uniquely numbered and the information recorded by the production department against each crane’s serial number. Life monitoring records the entire life of the crane to ensure the highest quality, reliability, prompt service and highest possible resale value.

Documentation of the entire process
In addition to traceability, this includes documentation of assembly, testing, packaging, delivery and spare parts supplied within and after the warranty.

Thorough testing and factory seal
Each sub-assembly is tested on the assembly line and, when fully assembled, each crane must pass a variety of functional tests while it receives its final settings. Once calibration of the crane is complete, each adjustment screw is covered with a factory seal to prevent unauthorised tampering.