604T(2.7 tm class)

Small mono-boom telescopic and foldable cranes with a wide range of accessories such as radio, winch, powerpack and extra-functions for tool use. These cranes have a worm gear slewing rotation system included. Compact and light weight, making them ideal for small vessels such as pilot boats, fishing boats, landing craft and oil spill response vessels. Easy to install on light structural materials such as aluminum or glass fiber.

604T(2.7 tm class)

  • Lifting moment: 2.73 tm
  • Lifting moment: 2680 daNm
  • Slewing angle: 335º
  • Weight: 263 kg
  • Working pressure: 160 bar
  • Oil flow: 10 l/min
  • Dim.: 730x1590x440 mm


  • Stationary base
  • Counterbalance valves directly mounted
  • Hexagonal shaped telescopic booms
  • Control valve
    (shipped demounted)
  • ABS protective cover on controls
  • Worm and gear rotation


  • Radio Remote Control (RRS)
  • Winch


604T(2.7 tm class) VERSIONS